Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sayote Juice- A great Bisaya Vegetarian Snack

Sustainable eating and the Bisaya Vegetarian

What do we Cebuanos like to snack on?

Fish balls, peanuts, ngohiong,
bananacue, white bread, spaghetti,
cakes, junk food, crackers, chocolate,
the list of unhealthy snack food goes on...
and on...

I admit, I am guilt of this crime,
A form of masochistic eating...
We all know it is harmful to our bodies,
yet, we do it anyway...

Recently at Ananda Marga Wellness Center,
I learned how to snack on vegetable juice...

Yup, a vegetable juice...
to my surprise,
it is actually tasty...

What did I snack on?
Sayote Juice.

Sayote, or chayote,
also called vegetable pear,
merliton, chouchoute, christophine, choko
is a Mexican vegetable
that has adopted quite well to Philippine soil,
that one would think of it as a Philippine veggie.
It is a member of the squash family.

At Ananda Marga Wellness Center,
they serve Sayote or Choko juice,
to lower high blood pressure.

Why not?
No harm in trying...
All healthy,
from now on and onwards!!!


  1. Do you just extract the juice and that's it?
    You don't need to add anything?

  2. yes, you just use a juicer and add nothing else