Saturday, July 30, 2011

University of the Philippines- Cebu Campus Grounds: An Urban Green Lung in Cebu

Sustainable Use of Space & Cebu's Urban Green Lung

U.P. Cebu in the 80's
Naked man,
brown gate,
noy osting,
student council days,
street protesting,
pajama wear & slippers,
noisy library and empty laboratories,
challenging teachers & exams,
rundown classrooms...

Of course, now U.P. Cebu
is somewhat modern & equipped,
the quest for academic freedom & excellence continues...

Another thing endures...
The giant trees 
that dwarf 
the wisdom of the u.p. "intellectuals"...

cool place to hang out when missing classes

near the old "new" building

in front of basketball court

tree lined lahug road

The students at U.P. Cebu and the residents of the area
have something valuable,
a green lung---
that they can breathe everyday
as they go about studying and doing their daily toil.

Just like wisdom,
trees are great treasures...

No wonder there is a naked man,
our version of the thinker,
free to explore his mind,
under the shade & influence of a great tree.

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